Academy of Buddhist Studies, Dongguk University
Aims and Scope

Founded in 1906 by Korea셲 ecumenically minded Jogye Order, Dongguk University remains one of the few Buddhist affiliated universities in the world. The Academy of Buddhist Studies (ABS) is the most representative research institute to implement the ideals of the founding principles of Dongguk University. The institute has supervised numerous research activities for the purpose of promoting and developing Buddhist studies, and has played a crucial role as one of the cradles of both academic and faith-promoting scholarship on Korean Buddhism. Dongguk University and ABS will do their best to make the International Journal of Buddhist Thought & Culture (IJBTC) an internationally prominent journal. The journal is published in English twice a year in June and December by the Academy of Buddhist Studies, Dongguk University.


IJBTC is managed by a staff at ABS (Editors: KIM Jongwook of Dongguk University and Richard D. MCBRIDE II of BYU-Hawaii), and the editorial board consists of active scholars from nine countries: U.S.A., India, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Norway, the U.K., Denmark, and the Republic of Korea. Now it is time for us scholars of Buddhism to share our traditions and contemporary practices with the world, thereby giving rise to new attitudes and views of human thought and culture in the 21st century. For this purpose, we will press forward in publishing IJBTC to advance the history of Buddhist thought & culture. IJBTC is published to promote Buddhist studies by encouraging wide-ranging research on Buddhist thought and culture. IJBTC invites contributions from scholars researching all aspects of Buddhist studies from a wide range of perspectives, including history, philosophy, literature, and cultural studies. IJBTC also welcomes book reviews and review articles.

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